It’s beginning to …. get closer to Christmas

19 12 2011

Living in Northern California, you get used to certain things happening at certain times during the year.  Christmas, 4th of July, Halloween, etc. all happen on the same day every year because the calendar says so.  But, with that, you can usually tell what’s coming up due to feeling in the air.  On the fourth, it’s usually hot and you have more daylight to do with what you wish, and on Halloween the leaves are turning and it’s a little cooler out.  This Christmas however, I WILL be DREAMING of a white Christmas because I don’t really think it’s gonna happen.  It’s super cold out, but there’s just no moisture in the air.

It doesn’t seem to matter to my kids though.  You would think there’s nine feet of snow on the ground with how excited my kids are about Santa getting here.  I think they were both pretty good this year.  We’ll see what Santa thinks though.

I want to wish EVERYONE the Merriest of Christmas’ and I hope you all have a wonderful new year!

Me and the Mrs.