Every Bloomin’ Thing.

31 03 2012

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Kids lining up for "Very Very Strawberry"

This post goes out to the fine folks at Every Bloomin’ Thing (EBT) in Susanville, CA.  They had a class for the kids today all about Strawberry’s, their benefits, and how to care for them.  It was just the thing needed to get the kids outside on a super snowy Saturday here in Northern California.  It’s a good day when you come away from your kiddos class learning something new too!  Apparently, strawberries contain more Vitamin C than oranges!  Who would have thought?

The staff at EBT was fantastic. They were genuinely interested in helping the kids learn about strawberries, and how to care for them.  The cost was only $5.00 to participate, but every kid came away with a new terra cotta pot, 3 strawberry plants, and personally decorated plant i.d. tag.

To top off the day, a big bowl of melted chocolate was brought out with all of the big strawberries you could eat, and everyone got to dip strawberries in chocolate!


Another satisfied customer putting on the finishing touches...