Upcoming Lunar Eclipse

8 12 2011

Saturday morning Northern California (all of the Pacific Time Zone as a matter of fact) will be in pretty good position to view a total lunar eclipse.  The timeline goes a little something like this….

0445 hrs –  the eclipse will begin

0605 hrs – start of eclipse totality

0657 hrs – end of eclipse totality

The sun will be starting to rise around 0600 hrs, and should give the whole experience a little extra “Mood Lighting”.  I plan on being up early to try and capture a piece of this phenomenon.

I’m not sure exactly how I will shoot the photos.  I’m going to try a low ISO, about F8, and a longer than normal exposure.  I think I’ll probably use my 75-300 telephoto lens and attempt to get “above” the lights of town.  I might even drive a little ways out of town to escape the lights.  Of course all of this is subject to change.  Things in my head rarely work out as I envision them.  Just ask my wife about the wood floor project.  I finally got the trim pieces around the doors replaced.  And it only took me 8 months!!  Progress if you ask me…

Stay tuned